Herbal Baby Bath Towel For New Born-Pink Colour

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Inevitable Use of Organic Muslin Bath Towel 

We all know that clothes are one of the most important pieces of clothing that we wear. Not only do they protect us from the elements, but they can also make us feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately, not all clothing is created equal.

While there are some clothing brands that uses natural fabrics for clothing. Whereas, many others use materials that are not as eco-friendly or sustainable. For example, many clothes made from synthetic material and chemical dyes..
Fortunately, there are some sustainable clothing brands using organic materials! Are you looking for a clothing brand using natural ingredients for your Little Ones?
Herbal Baby is the perfect option for you!  We use organic cotton, natural dyes to craft your baby clothing! We infuse goodness of turmeric and pomegranate in baby’s garments.. So babies’ skin and inner health is undeniable.

The delicate skin of a newborn baby is still growing. So the need for protection and care is inevitable. Using herbal stuffs will aids in development and nourishment of baby’s skin.

Natural ingredients promotes healthy skin and help keep the immune system active.

As a new mom, you want to make sure your baby is getting the best possible care. By using Herbal Baby clothing is a great way to do that.

Introducing Our New Line of Breathable, Naturally Antibiotic Bath Towels for Babies!

Herbal baby bath towel is perfect for keeping your Little Munchkins clean and comfy.

  • Our organic  muslin bath towel is ultra-soft, and softens with each wash.
  • They are light in weight, perfectly sized, and absorbent.
  • Made of fine organic cotton muslin.
  • Prewashed and is breathable.
  • These Muslin Bath Towels are skin-friendly, easily washed, and long-lasting.
  • We retrieve dyes from Sea Salt, Turmeric and Pomegranate.

Our Herbal Baby organic muslin bath towels are perfectly Natural! Keeps your baby’s skin safe from toxic substances!!




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